Navin Molecular
Leveraging our proven skills in Fluorination Chemistry
Navin Molecular (https://www.navinmolecular.com) is in the business of offering contract development and contract manufacturing operations (CDMO) for custom chemical syntheses of fluorinated compounds for the pharmaceuticals, agro chemicals and speciality chemicals industries. We are building upon our solid experience and expertise in fluorine chemistry, fluorination and reagents, both in research and development and in manufacturing areas. Our offering and capabilities include basic research, library syntheses, process development, scale up and small and large batch manufacturing.

Navin Molecular has a wealth of experience in developing fluoro similars and synthesizing various fluorochemical analogues of lead compounds and libraries.

Navin Molecular has made strategic investments in cGMP pilot and Multi-purpose plant at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, Central India to service its clients from milligram to kilogram to multi ton scale in an integrated manner.

We accelerate innovation during the early lifecycle of products with integrated offerings, thereby providing services in the most cost effective and time bound manner.

We offer custom synthesis, and contract research services through both Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and Fee For Service (FFS) arrangements, and can offer other novel ways to meet the needs and budgets of prospective customers.

We have the domain expertise, development skills and infrastructure to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Navin Molecular provides a comprehensive basket of services for developing new products, processes and novel technologies to its clients with complete large scale manufacturing support ensuring stringent customer specifications and regulatory compliances.

Manchester Organics Limited (subsidiary of NFIL http://www.manchesterorganics.com) operates out of the UK and works very closely with our Navin Molecular team in offering a wide basket of research and custom synthesis services spanning all areas of the chemical industry, ranging from pharmaceuticals and crop protection to electronics.

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