Inorganic Fluorides
Over 45 years of Expertise in Inorganic Fluoride Chemistry
NFIL set up an integrated fluorochemicals complex at Surat in 1967. It has one of the largest Anhydrous Hydrofluoric (AHF) and Aqueous Hydrofluoric acid manufacturing capacities in India. AHF is used for captive manufacture of various inorganic fluorides.

NFIL has a long and rich experience in manufacturing various inorganic fluorides with capacity, flexibility and experienced work force. NFIL has the ability to develop products as per customer’s need.

NFIL enjoys a respectable market share and excellent relationship with large global consumers of inorganic fluorides. Additional investments are planned to enhance capacities and widen the product range.

Apart from HF, our inorganic fluoride products basket consists of the following Fluoro Inorganics:
Industries and Application segments:
Our products cater to various end use industries such as: NFIL’s Strengths in Inorganic Fluorides