Pioneer in Refrigerants in India
NFIL introduced refrigerants into India in 1967 by commissioning its manufacturing plant at Surat, Gujarat, Western India. It is backward integrated into the manufacture of critical intermediates namely sulphuric and hydrofluoric acid which are precursors to our Mafron brand of refrigerants.

With over forty years of leadership in fluorine chemistry and refrigerant science, NFIL offers safe, high performance and high quality refrigerants for various refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Brand Name that has become Generic
NFIL offers refrigerants under its brand name Mafron, which over the years, has become a generic name for refrigerants in India and in many other global markets.

Mafron is the preferred choice of leading OEMs, service technicians and equipment owners.

Industries and Application segments:
Our products cater to various end use industries such as:
NFIL’s Strengths in Refrigerants