Specialty Fluorochemicals
Large Scale Manufacture of Specialty Fluoro Intermediates
Our expertise, built through decades of experience in fluorine chemistry, coupled with state of art manufacturing infrastructure enables us to produce a wide range of value added Specialty fluoro intermediates in large quantities in a safe and responsible manner.

NFIL has dedicated multipurpose plants (MPP) to process multi step products and intermediates which are high in the value chain. It has capabilities to handle complex chemistries and deliver high quality products in all forms. NFIL is one of the leading high quality producers of Boron trifluoride gas and it’s adducts.

NFIL has built excellent relationships with Indian and Global life science and agro chemical companies as we always focus on existing, diverse and emerging needs of our clients.

Industries and Application segments:
Expanded R&D Infrastructure to cater to Increasing Demand
In order to meet the growing demand of novel fluoro compounds and new chemical entities (NCE), we have expanded our Navin Research Innovation Center (NRIC) infrastructure and provide a strong research and development support to our global clientele.

R&D is well supported by a pilot plant enabling faster development of fluoro compounds.

Our Reaction Capabilities include the following:

High Pressure Chemistry :
Vapor Phase Chemistry :
Diazotization :
Others :

NFIL’s Strength in Specialty Fluoro Intermediates: